Reading Gospels during Lent

During Lent, which begins on Ash Wednesday (14 February this year) we are encouraging you to read through the Gospel accounts, from the time of Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem through to the end of the Gospels.

One chapter a day (not including weekends) will get you through all the texts before Easter.

You can pick up the reading schedule

at the welcome desk at OCC in person

download it here: Lent Readings

or get it on our facebook page

Here is a summary of pastor Mike’s twitter posts on these texts during lent

  • We are reading the #gospel accounts from Jesus’ entry into Jerusalem. Authority and a new way of doing things #MT21 #lent
  • kingdom issues: excuses we make; paying taxes; “you do not know the Scriptures or the power of God”; “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind. Love your neighbor as yourself” #gospel #MT 22 #lent

February ONE – Lighthouse

our ONE for the month of February is

hygiene items

(deodorant, razors, feminine hygiene products)

for the lighthouse


Orillia Women’s Connection

Finding I Am” study


Mark your calendar for Feb 14/15!
That’s when our Winter Bible Study will begin, and this year we’re doing “Finding I Am” by Lysa TerKeurst.
What is the deep cry of your heart?
The ache in your soul that keeps you up at night?
The prayer you keep repeating?

Jesus not only cares about this deep, spiritual wrestling, but He also wants to step in and see you through it.
Join Lysa TerKeurst on the streets of Israel to explore the seven I AM statements of Jesus found in the Gospel of John. Through this interactive, in-depth study we will be trading feelings of emptiness and depletion for the fullness of knowing who Jesus is like never before.

Finding I AM by Lysa TerKeurst | Promo

Choose the Day & Time that works best for you:

Wednesday evenings 7-9pm

Thursday mornings 9:30-11:30am.

This Bible Study will be held at OCC, 64 Colborne St E & will run until April 4/5,
with 2 weeks off (March 14/15 & 21/22) for March break & Journey to Israel. 

Sign up HERE

January | ONE | boots

ONE: one person | one item | one life made better

Each month we select an organization or group and help to meet a need.
In January we are buying rubber boots for children living in rural Guatemala (the boots are purchased in Guatemala)
One pair of boots costs $7
As of the 19th of January, together we have given enough to buy 100 pairs of boots
Thank you