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About this event:

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This week 7-14 February is an “Acts of Kindness” Week.
Plan to intentionally extend love to those around you and help us make our world a better place!
Here are some ideas to get you started. Why not check off a few that you could do next week and put a plan in place to make them happen.
You could be a bright spot in someone’s day.  
  • Send a note/leave a note
  • Make a call
  • Thank a retail clerk
  • Make a porch drop off
  • Play a Zoom/online game with someone
  • Send flowers to someone for no reason
  • Run an errand for someone
  • Feed the birds
  • Leave happy notes wherever you go
  • Drop off hygiene items for the Light House at OCC
  • Order someone a meal/have pizza delivered
  • Give an unexpected compliment
  • Snow blow/shovel someone’s driveway
  • Support a local business
  • Let someone cut in front of you in line
  • Pay for the car behind you at a takeout window
  • Slow down so someone can merge in front of you in traffic
  • Let someone else take that prime parking spot
  • Put your phone away when a family member or friend is talking to you
  • Donate flowers to a nursing home
  • Leave a great coupon next to that item in the grocery store
  • Pick up a piece of litter on the street and throw it out
  • Pass along a compliment to a service worker’s boss
  • Take the time to write a great online review for a restaurant you love
  • Leave a positive comment on a news article or blog post
  • Give an extra tip when getting take out
  • Bring treats to your local fire station
  • Write a thank you note to your mail carrier
  • Smile at someone who looks sad
  • Participate in the Coldest Night of the Year walk
  • Become an organ donor
  • Bring in a prepackaged treat and leave it in the break room at work. (It’s extra fun if you do it anonymously.)
  • Compliment a colleague to your boss
  • Post sticky notes with uplifting messages on the office bathroom mirrors
  • Stay late for a co-worker who needs to get home
  • Write a thank you note to someone who has helped your career
  • Add a positive comment to the conversation if things are getting negative
  • Scrape the ice off a neighbour’s windshield after you’ve finished doing yours
  • Make a double batch of the cookies you’re baking and bring some next door
  • Make dinner for a someone who has just had a baby or surgery
  • Write a thank you note to your child’s teacher or to a teacher who made a difference in your life
  • Tell the principal how much you love your child’s teacher
  • Be on time
  • Call your mom or dad just to say I love you
  • Tell a friend what you love about their children
  • Send a message to a friend letting them know you appreciate them
  • Reconnect with an old friend you’ve lost touch with over the years. Share a memory you carry with you.
  • Forgive someone who has wronged you
  • Make amends with someone you have wronged
  • Bring your neighbour’s garbage cans up for him/her
  • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth and give the earth some kindness
  • Let your spouse sleep in when it’s his/her turn to get up early with the kids
  • Donate to a friend’s favourite charity in their name
  • Give a friend a book you think they would like
  • Send a print of a photo you took of a friend or their child
  • Write a letter of encouragement to a child you know is having a hard time
  • Send a friend a helpful or inspiring article that made you think of them
  • Write a sweet, encouraging note and put it under your child’s pillow or in a place they’ll easily find it
  • Be a good listener
  • If you need to go to the grocery store or pharmacy, call someone and ask if they need anything
  • Make a music playlist for someone with songs you think they’d enjoy
  • Respond to a social media post with a positive, uplifting comment