Easter Sunday

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12th Apr 2020

Welcome to OCC online

We invite you into listening to our God

  • as you pray,
  • as you enter into worship,
  • as you read the Scripture.

Listen and respond to him.

You can check our selection of Easter Songs here.

Praying for others

  • those at OCC & in our family and friendship circles with health needs, especially for those whose tests and procedures have been delayed.
  • those at OCC & in our family and friendship circles who have family/friends in nursing homes and hospitals.
  • those at OCC & in our family and friendship circles with anxiety, depression and other mental health struggles.
  • those at OCC & in our family and friendship circles who have lost loved ones.
  • for all of those who are working in the health care field.
  • for those who are working retail, so the rest of us can get the supplies we need.
  • for those who are learning to work from home, especially those who are learning to homeschool at the same time.
  • for children and youth whose lives are being changed.

The Hat Lady

Here’s an Easter Hat Lady story.

Easter Sunday

Everything has changed.
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

  • uncertainty
  • fear
  • anxiety

And in the midst of this we have Easter.

  • It’s too good to be true.
  • Jesus is alive and Lord of all circumstances.
  • He comes and stands among the fearful, among those of us who have swung and missed at a curve ball, and He promises us peace.
  • He comes to remind us that He will heal our brokenness.
  • He will give us a new character.
  • He invites us to depend upon Him for real, to experience his joyful, abundant life and not upon the lives we attempted to craft for ourselves, and now seen how flimsy they were.

If you don’t have the joy that pastor Mike mentioned… send him an email to explore knowing Jesus.


Expenses at OCC continue. Thank you for your faithfulness in giving to the ministry of OCC.
There are several ways you can give during this time:

  • You can drop your offering off at the OCC building, either when there is someone in the building or through the mail slot (in the front glass panel, nearest to the driveway).
  • You can mail your offering to
    64 Colborne St E
    Orillia, ON, L3V 1T6
  • You can give by e-transfer. Use the following email address when using e-transfer for your offering: finance@occweb.org.
    You may be asked to provide a security question and answer, however, you do not need to send this to OCC.
    Our e-transfer is set up with security so that we can receive it automatically without needing to answer the question.
  • You can give via PayPal. The easiest way to go to occweb.org/online-giving/ and click on the donate button.