OCCKids – March 29

Posted by occwebsite
28th Mar 2020

This week’s OCCKids @ home lesson

Hopefully you are finally getting into a routine at home with your kids now that we have done a couple of weeks of physical distancing. I am really praying for some warmer weather to finish melting the last of the snow so that we can enjoy our whole backyard.
My kids did a couple of FaceTime conversations this week with some of our family and their friends which really helped, especially for Nathan. I would encourage you, if that is an option for you and your family, to take advantage of our technology so that they still have that social interaction with their friends (Google Duo is another option).
This week the topic is God’s forgiveness and I am praying you will have some great conversations at home with your children.

Here is the material for OCCKids: God Forgives – March 29