Palm Sunday – comment – questions

Posted by occwebsite
05th Apr 2020

On Palm Sunday we are reading Matthew 21:-11. See the post here.

  • It’s a day we often mark with joy and celebration and waving of palm leaves.
  • It’s a day for a parade.

But not this year.

  • We can’t gather together.
  • We can’t be in the same place with one another.

As I wrote last week it feels very much like a Psalm 137 time.

As you read Matthew 21:-11

  • what are you thinking?
  • what emotions are you feeling?
  • what part of the account is speaking to you a little differently this year?
  • most of us know the rest of the story… we know how many in the crowd turned their back on Jesus… how are you keeping your focus on Jesus?

We invite you to respond to these questions in the comments below… let’s encourage one another.