Re-opening OCC building

Posted by occwebsite
13th Jun 2020

On 8 June 2020, Premier Ford announced that churches could reopen at up to 30% of their capacity. At OCC we have a team of people who have been exploring how, and when, we can best open our doors. Reopening has to do with much more than a Sunday service in the auditorium, there are lots of details to consider – we are thankful for the work they are doing.

When the time comes to reopen the OCC building that will be well publicized. For the immediate future, we will continue to offer our worship services via video and other activities via Zoom. While the building is closed, OCC is not closed. We are hearing stories of how people are calling one another to encourage and ensure they are being looked after.

The OCC office is closed to walk-ins, but our staff are continuing to work and are available during business hours.

We appreciate your faithfulness, patience and prayer. We are asking God to lead us as a church during this time and to advance his kingdom through us.

Grace and peace,

OCC staff & leadership team