Easter Sunday

Apr. 12th 2020
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He is Risen!

The service is posted here.

Everything has changed.
No one knows what will happen tomorrow, or next week, or next month.

  • uncertainty
  • fear
  • anxiety

And in the midst of this we have Easter.

  • It’s too good to be true.
  • Jesus is alive and Lord of all circumstances.
  • He comes and stands among the fearful, among those of us who have swung and missed at a curve ball, and He promises us peace.
  • He comes to remind us that He will heal our brokenness.
  • He will give us a new character.
  • He invites us to depend upon Him for real, to experience his joyful, abundant life and not upon the lives we attempted to craft for ourselves, and now seen how flimsy they were.

If you don’t have the joy that pastor Mike mentioned… send him an email to explore knowing Jesus.

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