heaven | hell | ANGELS 4 key points  Angels are real  There are lots of angels  Angels are under God’s direction, not ours  Some angels are good, but some are evil 4 application points  Live with a warfare mindset  Don’t blame God for the arbitrariness of life  Take … Continue reading Angels

/ Jul. 24th 2016

Acts 16


pastor Mike looks at how God changes lives by the Holy Spirit working through unlikely disciples. (Acts 16)

/ Jun. 27th 2016 / Acts 16

Acts 13


In the opening verses of Acts 13 we see the power of the gospel to reconcile people who you would think there is no way they could ever be reconciled, and, the gospel’s power to overcome our pasts as God creates a brand new people, a new community

/ May. 24th 2016 / Acts 13