5 December | Advent 2


sermon service https://occweb.org/news-and-updates/dec-5-advent-2/ Into the Text Into the Scripture – Dec 5

Dec. 5th 2021 / Luke 1

The Real Jesus – 2


In this series we are focusing on Jesus as a person, not a religion. For many Christians and for many non-church goers, seemingly good things—like Christian ethics or philosophy—have cluttered the true picture and have in some cases been a tragic barrier to the real Jesus.

/ Mar. 10th 2019 / Luke 1 / John 21 / Luke 8

Advent 4


Mary was an unlikely candidate for birthing the miracle of God, but the greatest challenge she met was overcoming her fear of the unknown. What is YOUR greatest challenge right now? And how is YOUR fear of the unknown keeping you from realizing the miracle God’s promised?

/ Dec. 21st 2015 / Luke 1 / Luke 2

Advent 3


When the impossible presents itself we have a Divine choice: to fearfully recoil, or to faithfully speak God’s best future into reality. Jesus’ birth story features the best supporting roles of Zechariah and Elizabeth, who mirror our present day choice to participate in God’s story with epic faith.

/ Dec. 14th 2015 / Luke 1