Fully Alive 4


We have become an increasingly divided world filled with increasingly isolated people. Despite lightning-fast and nearly universal access to information via the internet, few agree on what truth is. And even though millions of people can communicate with loved ones and friends with a mere click of a mouse or smartphone screen, about a quarter … Continue reading Fully Alive 4

/ May. 16th 2017 / Philippians 1 / Philippians 2

Sin Happens


We all have habitual sins that seem to plague us. Whether it’s gossip, lust, greed, or envy, we falter in one place or another. Instead of wishing for deliverance, God calls us to work at our sins in order to become the people he created us to be. Last week, we learned that there are many … Continue reading Sin Happens

/ Feb. 1st 2016 / Philippians 2