The Good Life 2


We have all been asked the question: “What do you want to be when you grow up?” But how do we find the answer? How do we discover the life God created us to live? In this sermon, Pastor Mike looks at how to understand our identity and calling.

/ Apr. 10th 2016 / Matthew 3

The Good Life 1


In John 10:10, Jesus tells his followers that he came to give the abundant life – the good life. Sadly, few people experience the life Jesus intended. Everywhere we look, we find competing ideas of what the good life is. For some, the good life is the dream of financial security and wealth. For others, it’s … Continue reading The Good Life 1

/ Apr. 4th 2016 / John 10

Acts 11


What story are you improvising? What story are you living out of? Is it the Story of God and his Kingdom? Is it a story of God redeeming the world with his Son and inviting you to participate with him in offering this gift to others? What kind of person are you becoming because of the story that … Continue reading Acts 11

/ Mar. 14th 2016 / Acts 11

Acts 10


In this message Mike outlines how the gospel is universal, historical, exclusive, and ultimately good news for those that put their trust in Jesus as Lord. 

/ Mar. 6th 2016 / Acts 10

Acts 9


How did Saul — chief persecutor of the Church — become Paul, the apostle who wrote many of the New Testament letters? Mike walks us through the story, showing us how God will relentlessly pursue us until we are completely his.  

/ Feb. 28th 2016 / Acts 9

Acts 8


Acts 8 Persecution begins & the church starts to do They believers are dispersed into Samaria & the beginnings of the ends of the world (we had a technical glitch with the sermon recording we may have to re-record it)

/ Feb. 23rd 2016 / Acts 8