The Good Life 1

/ Apr. 04th 2016
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In John 10:10, Jesus tells his followers that he came to give the abundant life – the good life. Sadly, few people experience the life Jesus intended.

Everywhere we look, we find competing ideas of what the good life is. For some, the good life is the dream of financial security and wealth. For others, it’s fulfillment in life, becoming the person they have always wanted to be and doing the things they have always dreamed of doing.

While these aren’t necessarily bad things, Jesus teaches that the true good life is this: LIVING THE LIFE GOD CREATED YOU TO LIVE.

In this first message in this series pastor Mike takes us to John 10. Everyone wants to live the good life! Many try to find it by accumulating wealth or finding fame. Others search for the good life by looking inside themselves to find happiness. We need to be looking to Jesus as our model of the good life.

Here’s the shepherd calling his sheep video we showed

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