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Sunday, 18 April: 10am service: You can register here. OCCkids is ONLY on-line at 9:00am

Sunday Schedule

8:00am The link for our online service is posted by 8am
9:00am OOCKids on Zoom LINK
9:15am OCCHigh Zoom class LINK
10:00am OCCKids in Theatre 1 NO OCCKids in person during the stay-at-home order
10:00am Sunday Service in the Auditorium

Check out our events page for dates, times and links.

We appreciate your faithfulness, patience and prayer. We are asking God to lead us as a church during this time and to advance his kingdom through us.

You can always find all the details about various online events here on this page [CLICK the image below]


  • Regular updates and words of encouragement
  • Sunday video messages are posted by 8am
  • OCCYouth & Jr High are now meeting in-person
  • Zoom Prayer meets Sunday at 6:30pm
  • Zoom LIFEGroups are meeting