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Sunday 19 May 2024

8:00am on-line service: This is a recording of last Sunday’s service (5 May 2024). pastor Mike is speaking.

10:00am in-person gathering & OCCKids (Nursery – Grade 8). Pastor Mike is speaking.

Here’s an introduction to Signs of Glory and Broken Signposts

6:30pm Youth












Practices & Disciplines

  • We are reading the Scriptures together.
    You can get a copy of the reading schedule here. We are starting the year in Genesis and Romans.

Check out our events page for dates, times and links.

We appreciate your faithfulness, patience and prayer. We are asking God to lead us as a church during this time and to advance his kingdom through us.

You can always find all the details about various online events here on this page [CLICK the image below]


  • Regular updates and words of encouragement
  • Sunday video messages are posted by 8am

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