Welcome to Orillia Community Church

where real people meet a real God.

This Christmas season we invite you to join us as we celebrate the birth of Jesus – the one who is called “the light of the world.

  • We meet Sunday’s at 10am [There is nursery care for infants and a full program for children up to Grade 5].
  • Christmas Eve we gather at 6pm. We invite you to join us for some festive music, Christmas treats, candlelight and discovering the gift of love that was sent for you.

You are welcome, no matter what is going on in your life. None of us are perfect. We are people who are in process, who are changing, and being changed. OCC is about discovering God’s heart where everyone is a participant and no one is a spectator. We are a community who want to bless our city, believing that as we seek its peace, we display the grace, freedom, and life that Jesus Christ offers to anyone who follows Him.

This is the central message, that in, and, because of, and through the crucified and risen Jesus – we can have life. This is the central message not just of Easter, but for everyday – because this makes everything different.



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