Welcome to Orillia Community Church

where real people meet a real God.

We are meeting in-person and on-line on 26 June 2022

  • you do NOT need to register anymore
  • wearing a mask is optional
  • keep some physical distance

8:00am on-line service will be posted here

10:00am in-person OCCKids [nursery – Grade 8] & worship service

7:00pm Join us as we pray-walk in downtown Orillia




Practices & Disciplines

  • We are reading the New Testament together. You can get a copy of the reading schedule here.
  • We are practising resting – listening – soaking in God’s presence. You can get a copy of the guidelines here.
  • Fasting. Here is a description of how to fast. Here is another article on fasting.
  • 57 words – praying the Lord’s | Disciple’s Prayer. Check out weekly posts here.

Check out our events page for dates, times and links.

We appreciate your faithfulness, patience and prayer. We are asking God to lead us as a church during this time and to advance his kingdom through us.

You can always find all the details about various online events here on this page [CLICK the image below]


  • Regular updates and words of encouragement
  • Sunday video messages are posted by 8am