Welcome to Orillia Community Church

where real people meet a real God.

You are welcome, no matter what is going on in your life. None of us are perfect. We are people who are in process, who are changing and being changed. OCC is about discovering God’s heart where everyone is a participant and no one is a spectator. We are a community who want to bless our city, believing that as we seek its peace, we display the grace, freedom, and life that Jesus Christ offers to anyone who follows Him.

No matter where you are on your journey, we encourage you to check this out. This is the central message, that in, and, because of, and through the crucified and risen Jesus – we can have life. This is the central┬ámessage – not just for special seasons, but for every day – because Jesus makes everything different.

Right now, because of COVID-19, everything is different at OCC. While we are not meeting face-to-face on Sunday morning or at any other time, we want to remains connected. Watch this dedicated page for updates.

Right now we are exploring what it means to be normal… what is the normal Christian life.

  • Commitment to Jesus
  • Life in the Holy Spirit
  • Living out the Gospel Teachings
  • Being Brothers & Sisters
  • Serving