Our vision for OCCYouth

OCCYouth walks with students in their faith journey, prepares them to be a lifelong follower and encourages them to show the love of Jesus to their circle and the world.

Junior High – Grades 5 to 8

Our mid-week program runs every other Thursday night (you can check out the schedule below) from 6:30 to 8:00pm. This is a great place to meet new friends, play some amazing fun games, learn about God and get connected to some great adults who love students.

Fall Schedule 2020

Sept 17  Fall kick-off
Oct 1  How to Survive Middle School # 1
Oct 15  How to Survive Middle School # 2
Oct 29  How to Survive Middle School # 3
Nov 12  How to Survive Middle School # 4
Nov 26  TBD
Dec 10 Christmas Party

High School – Grades 9 to 12

Our high school students meet every Friday night from 7:00 to 8:30pm for a time bible study. We look into God’s Word to learn how he wants us to live and how we are to live out our faith. Our high school program also consists of game nights, events and service projects. Be sure to contact Brent to get the latest on what’s happening in this program.

Our Current Study Series: The Masks We Wear
In this series, we want students to come to realize that they often put on “masks” and don’t allow God to shape their identities. Because the middle and high school years are the most significant when it comes to identity formation, we want students to see themselves the way God sees them, tear down the false narratives that they or others have placed on them, and live in the freedom of being fully known and fully forgiven.

pastor Brent