Philippians 4:12

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28th Mar 2020
I know what it is to be in need, and I know what it is to have plenty. I have learned the secret of being content in any and every situation, whether well fed or hungry, whether living in plenty or in want.


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13th Mar 2020
Here is an update on how OCC will be responding to concerns around COVID-19 in the immediate future. OCC & COVID-19 letter Dear OCC, As I am sure you are aware of, the COVID19 outbreak has now been labelled as a pandemic by the World Health Organization. You’ve heard that many sporting, entertainment and other gatherings have been cancelled. Currently (13 March), there is only one presumptive case of COVID-19


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05th Mar 2020
What is normal? (other than a setting on the dryer) What is the normal Christian life? What is to mark the life of one who calls themself a Christian, a follower of Jesus, a disciple? During the rest of lent (that period leading up to Easter) we are going to be exploring what is normal, in the sense of normative, for those who call themselves Christians. Commitment to Jesus Life

ONE – March

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03rd Mar 2020
Our ONE for the month of March is Toilet Paper for Green Haven Women's Shelter

ONE – Feb

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03rd Feb 2020
This month we are collecting manual can openers for the Lighthouse

21 Days of Prayer

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19th Jan 2020
On 19 January 2020 we are going to enter into guided prayer for 21 days. Why start on 19 January rather than on 1 January? For many people, 1 January is still holiday time and so to begin something new is not on their agenda. The 19th of January is the date when many people who made New Years Resolution, stop keeping their resolution. So we are going to start

I Will Look Up

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14th Jan 2020
Our closing song on Sunday was “I Will Look Up” As you are praying this week... physically move your body (or at least your head) into these positions: up - down - back - ahead. Because of Jesus. Lord of all. I will look up for there is none above You I will bow down to tell You that I need You Jesus Lord of all I will look back

January 19-13

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09th Jan 2020
January 9 OCC Jr High | 6:30pm Griefshare | 7:00pm January 10 Men's LIFEGroup | 8am January 11 Men's Breakfast | 8am January 12 9:30am Pancake Breakfast 10:00am OCCKids | Fullness | Judi & Janice sharing about Ethiopia Don't forget food items for Sharing Place January 13 CAP Money Course | 6:30pm    

A Father’s Blessing

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05th Jan 2020
Some of you did not have great father figures. Some of you had fathers who passed away before they could give you a blessing. Others of you for one reason or another were or are unable to receive a blessing from your father. I want to offer the blessings of the Heavenly Father through myself an earthly father. This type of blessing is seen in Numbers 6 as God blessed

Jesus Creed

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03rd Jan 2020
As followers | disciples | apprentices | learners of Jesus we are to know somethings and to live out somethings. We often call what we are to know doctrine | beliefs. What we are to live out we often call spiritual formation | disciplines | practices. It is not one or the other, but both-and. We are to know the good news and we are to live out the good