Gospel of Mark tweet summary

Posted by occwebsite
01st Mar 2016

Tweet summary for The Gospel of Mark

MK 1 Gospel & prophecy; Jesus’ ministry begins: baptism, tempted, calling disciples, cast out evil spirit, heals, preaches #Mk1 #gospeltweet
MK 2 Jesus heals as a sign he 4gives sin; calls a tax collector; new wineskins 4 new wine; Sabbath made 4 people not reverse #Mk2 #gospeltweet
MK 3 Jesus heals on the Sabbath; crowds follow him; chooses the 12; Jesus greater than the demonic; family is more than blood #Mk3 #gospeltweet
MK 4 Parables of the Kingdom – something new: farmer & seed; lamp; growing seed; mustard seed. Jesus calms the storm #Mk4 #gospeltweet
MK 5 Jesus casts demons out – tell everyone; then heals in response to faith – tell no one: mysteries #Mk5 #gospeltweet
MK 6 Jesus could only heal a few at Nazareth; sends out the 12 with his authority; John the Baptist killed; 5000+fed #Mk6 #gospeltweet
MK 7 Ritual and tradition vs change from the inside out; gospel includes outisders; more healings. #Mk7 #gospeltweet
MK 8 Feeding 4000+; Pharisees demand a sign; Disciples don’t understand; Peter declares that J is Messiah; J predicts his death #Mk8#gospeltweet
MK 9 Transfiguration – don’t tell anyone; healing; who is great in the kingdom; kingdom is bigger than we often think #Mk9 #gospeltweet
MK 10 Jesus teaches on divorce, welcoming children, possessions, redefining kingdom, being servants, his coming death, healing #Mk10 #gospeltweet
MK 11 Jesus’ triumphant entry, curses fig tree, clears the temple for misuse, authority challenged #Mk11 #gospeltweet
MK 12 Tenant farmers beat up the owner’s servants & son, paying taxes, resurrection & marriage, most important command, little is a lot #Mk12 #gospeltweet
MK 13 Signs of the end of the age #Mk13 #gospeltweet
MK 14 Jesus anointed with oil at Bethany, Judas plans to betray, last supper, garden prayer, arrest, before Council, Peter denies Jesus #Mk14 #gospeltweet
MK 15 Trial before Pilate, Jesus mocked, crucifixion, death, burial #Mk15 #gospeltweet
MK 16 Resurrection #Mk16 #gospeltweet