Pray | Bill C7 & C6

Posted by occwebsite
09th Mar 2021

Wednesday, 10 March 2021 is an important day to be praying for our government. Bill C7 and Bill C6 are high on the government’s agenda

Rushing through changes to Bill C-7 would allow euthanasia for those struggling with depression and other forms of mental illness. The bill has quickly expanded from addressed those with terminal conditions, to targeting the disabled, to now, including those with mental health challenges. If the latest version passes, a person facing suicidal thoughts who goes to see a family doctor or psychiatrist could be offered suicide facilitation instead of suicide prevention. This is a very dark turn for an already deeply flawed piece of legislation.

Here are some specific ways to prayer:

C-7 (MAiD)

  • Pray for more delays. The government hopes to pass Bill C7 this week. Prior to Parliamentary debates, all parties will meet in their party caucus meetings where we are praying that individual MPs will oppose C7 from being made available to those with mental illnesses.
  • Pray that it will become evident just how discriminatory this legislation is to people with disabilities and mental illness.
  • Pray that the stories being released on Wednesday will get out to the general public and will resonate in the hearts of the Canadian people.

C-6 (Conversion Therapy)

It is expected that Bill C6 will be voted on sometime between March 22nd and early April.

  • Pray that MPs will propose and vote for amendments to protect LGBTQ people without taking away the rights of others, including people of faith.
  • Continue to pray that the government amends Bill C6 to fix the definition of conversion therapy without banning voluntary counselling or criminalizing conversations.
  • Remember to pray for individual staffers of the MPs who are working tirelessly on this Bill behind the scenes. Pray that they will become impacted and open to the evidence.
  • Pray for the Senate as they prepare for this debate. Pray for witnesses who will be able to speak the truth on this Bill.