11 June 2023 | Truth 3 service

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11th Jun 2023

Thank you for joining us on-line.
OCC is made up of people who are meeting in-person and who are meeting on-line.

Remember we are currently showing the video of the service on a week’s delay
So this video is from Sunday 4 June 2023 but being shown on 11 June 2023

God calls all of us into his presence;

  • He calls us to be together both with him and with one another;
  • He calls us to wait with and for him;
  • He calls us to serve & bless others – those who are part of God’s kingdom and those who have not yet responded to God’s grace

As you prepare to watch our service video, we encourage you to take a few moments…

  • Get your coffee or tea. Settle in, be still…
  • Take some deep breaths… in and out… breathe,
  • Invite the Lord to make himself present with you as you watch – he is with us

Sunday Night

6:00pm Youth

We will be having a snack-potluck (bring a snack to share!) and doing some outside games. If we are permitted we will try to have a campfire!
This event will be at The Murdochs;
1108 Maple Valley Rd., Severn
Note the start time: 6:00pm – hopefully the bugs won’t be too crazy! (They make you run faster, right?) and end at 9:00.
Please wear appropriate footwear. (Shoes, running shoes. Or something close-toed. This is field running on uneven ground.)