Advent RE-boot

Posted by occwebsite
29th Nov 2022

Advent is an opportunity to RE-boot.

On our journey with God, we read and reflect on some of God’s Advent promises and their fulfilment or future fulfilment. We immerse ourselves in God’s promises as we seek to discover and join the Spirit on God’s mission in our neighbourhoods right where we are.

In this way, we will…

  • REmember God is, has been, and always will be at work out ahead of us;
  • REcognize God’s activity throughout history, in the world, in our lives, and neighbourhoods;
  • REflect on God at work and the implications and applications for our life and times;
  • REspond to the ways we discern the Spirit nudging us, pointing us to, and joining in with what God is doing in our neighbourhoods for the sake of the world God so loves!

Each day read, remember and recognize how God is at work.

Pray something like this:

Come, Lord, open our hearts, our homes, our communities

That we might wait with wonder and assurance

That we might prepare the way for the Chosen On according to Your agency.

Help us to remember and trust Your promises

Give us eyes to see and hearts to receive their fulfillment already and not yet.

Attune our minds and souls as we seek to discern and follow You at work out ahead of us


Right where we live in our ordinary, every day lives.

Fill us with Your love for all our neighbours, each and everyone

That we might love all You have made as You love us,

That there might be shalom and flourishing

In all the earth, for all the earth, Your Kingdom come!


May Your hope lead us,

May Your peace encourage us,

May Your joy uphold us,

May Your love encircle us,

That we might be people of hope, peace, joy, and love.

That we might respond to Your grace and favour with humility, faithfulness, and integrity.