Upside Down Kingdom – week 1

Posted by occwebsite
01st May 2019

We start our series The Upside Down Kingdom by looking at Luke 14:1-14.
Here we see that the Jesus way…
the way that Jesus announces…
the way of the Kingdom…
really is upside down.

To live and love like Jesus means that we take our cues from him, not from our world.

And this is especially true around who we value, who we count as important and less important, who we ignore.

The call to follow Jesus is a call to be different than our world. It’s a new way of living and loving.

To help us do this we encourage you to follow the scripture reading outline. As we engage the Scriptures and see
our stories in the story of Jesus and his upside down kingdom, use the guideline below to help you reflect. You might want to use a journal to help you.

Read: Read the Scripture passage slowly. Don’t rush. Pay attention what stands out for you and what questions get stirred up. Read it again.

Reflect: What does this Scripture say about who Jesus is and what his kingdom is like? What does it say about what it means to be a disciple, follower, apprentice of Jesus? What is the Spirit saying to you (and to OCC) through this Scripture?

Pray: Listen to what God is saying to you through this Scripture and respond to God in prayer. What do you want to say to God? What do you want to ask God? Pray your thoughts, desires, feelings, needs, worries, hopes.

Live: What is one way you can live into what God is saying to you through this Scripture? How will you “get into action” by practicing trust and obedience?