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03rd Sep 2018


At the beginning of another year

As Sarah Masen sings

“We come with what we have done

We come with who we are

We are a beginning.”

Lord, may we be a beginning

We ask that you give us a brand new impetus

We do not want to live on the momentum of what we have done

We seek a new impetus from your Holy Spirit

Even for the things we continue to do as before

So Lord

In our passion for you

In our compassion for others

In our love for one another

In our forgiving of enemies

In our commitment to serve in Orillia

In our commitment in work, leisure and volunteering outside OCC

In our pastoral care

In our mission

In our Kingdom building

From our neighbourhoods in Orillia and area

To Ethiopia, Uganda, Guatemala and wherever else

In our vision for your work

In our wisdom to carry it out

In the grace needed to be pastoral sensitive as we do

Lord, re-fuel us with an invigorating energy

Shift our propelling forward

From momentum

To impetus

Keep us up to your speed

In the work you have called us to do

Give us your grace towards your holiness

May our deepest gladness meet the world’s deepest need.

In the name of Jesus

In whose name we pray,



prayer by Steve Stockman Modified to fit our context