Posted by occwebsite
19th May 2018

Prayer is one of those things that Christians talk a lot about, but don’t do. Especially corporate (that’s where we pray together) prayer. We see this type of prayer throughout the New Testament.

Here are a couple of very specific ways we can be praying

  • one is individual
  • the second is corporate


We are in the Muslim month of Ramadan (started May 15). This is the time of year when Muslims believe the Quran was revealed to the Prophet Muhammad. Over time, practicing Muslims will observe  30 days of daytime fasting and prayer.

In Matthew 6, Jesus tells us that when we seek Him, we will find Him. For many Muslims, Ramadan represents a time of earnestly seeking after God.

I believe Ramadan gives us the opportunity to intercede and pray for the world’s 1.8 billion Muslims—asking Jesus to reveal Himself to seeking Muslims

We can also stand with our brothers & sisters around the world in prayer—asking God to protect & bless those living & worshiping in places where their faith in Jesus makes them ‘stick out”

And we can pray against violence. In recent years, extremist groups have explicitly used Ramadan as a motivation for attacks against Christians.

Here is a downloadable prayer guide from Open Doors.

Pray ON

Here in Ontario, we are coming up to a provincial election on June 7.

Between now & then, we want to pray for our province and all the candidates.

We believe God has a purpose and plan for Ontario that is much greater than anything we could imagine for ourselves. And when we seek God’s heart and will through prayer, we’re aligning ourselves to be an active part of that plan.

Here in Simcoe North, the candidates are:

  • Green Party: Valerie Powell
  • Liberal: Gerry Marshal,
  • NDP: Elizabeth Van Houtte
  • Progressive Conservative: Jill Dunlop,

We are inviting area churches to join with us on Sunday, June 3 6:30 pm to pray, not for an agenda, not for our candidate, but for God’s person and for our province.