What If…

Posted by occwebsite
27th Sep 2021
What IF…
We lived the grace we are blessed with
And loved as we have been loved
What would that look like in practice, not just thought?
What IF…
We repented and believed
And turned our living right around
What would that look like among the forgotten?
What IF…
We took up our cross
Denied ourselves and followed
What would that look like in our rendering of wealth?
What IF…
God’s kingdom came down
And God’s will was the world’s constitution
What would the streets of earth look like?
What IF…
The first were last
And the last became our priority
What would the poorest places look like?
What IF…
We stored up treasure
In heaven and not on earth
What would the return on our investment look like?
What IF…
The rich like camels could make it
Through the eye of a needle
What would heaven on the other side look like?
What IF…
via Steve Stockman