Healing Life’s Choices

All of us have experienced hurts, pain and have got caught in habits that hinder our maturity.

This fall, we are offering 8 week group(s) to help people find healing and freedom in Christ. In addition, we believe that this can be part of the journey to make healthy, positive choices that enable you to continue to walk in freedom and help others find freedom as well.

Healing Life’s Choices
while it may sound a little like a 12-step program…
…that’s not what this is about
while it may sound like it is for people with addiction…
…that’s not what this is about

Healing Life’s Choices
is a safe place…
…of belonging
…to care and be cared for
…for progress
…to take off your mask
…of confidentiality
…to share
…for you to begin your journey of finding freedom

Healing Life’s Choices
is an 8 week group (because we really do need one another – even introverts), based on the beatitudes, helping us recognize and release the hurts, the pains of the past and be set free from habits that keep us bottled up, locked in, stop us from finding real answers, real hope and enjoying God’s presence.

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August ONE

ONE for August is…
activity | craft supplies for the
Big Brothers Big Sisters
in-school mentoring program
one august


I have been invited by Vision Ministries Canada (VMC) to go to Kenya this month to be one of the presenters at a pastors – church leaders conference in Nairobi. VMC has been building a relationship with the fledgling Vision Ministries Kenya (VMK) over the last few years. I have already met the director of VMK, Ishmael Ochieng, at the last couple of VMC conferences.

I am looking forward to this stretching trip. I will be speaking 9 times (1 plenary session; 8 workshop/seminars) over 4 days, as well as in churches on both Sundays.

We will be gone from August 11-23. The Conference is in Nairobi, August 15-18; then we will be heading west to Kisumu on Lake Victoria

If you want to be added to my prayer list for this trip – email me

If you want to donate toward the cost of the trip which includes

  • partially underwriting the cost of the conference
  • providing travel subsidies for Kenyan leaders
  • & leaving behind some funds for church planting

you can give here. Designate your gift “Africa 2016: Michael Bells”


reading through Corinthians

Beginning August 8, we are reading through Paul’s letters to the church at Corinth. By reading 1 chapter a day, 5 days a week you will read through some of Paul’s answers to questions of practice and ministry.

As you read, you may want to jot down a word or phrase that reminds you of a key thought.

Share what you are discovering at
occweb.org/ news-and-updates/reading-through-Corinthians/

You can get a copy of the reading list

here: Reading through Corinthians
here: facebook.com/occweb
or a physical copy at the OCC welcome centre