Kingdom Values

The book of Acts paints a picture of the impact of Jesus’ life and ministry in the life of His followers and their new community, the church. Filled with the promised Holy Spirit, this community began to live out and declare Jesus’ kingship and kingdom to the world. Living by Kingdom Values, based on their knowing Jesus, the church was able to live out a love and unity unheard of in the wider world.

Truth & Meaning

God is True and has made His Truth known in His Word and the person of Jesus Christ. Orillia Community Church seeks to know, live, and proclaim Truth out of a love and relationship with God. God is eternal and gives meaning to every age, culture and world view. For this reason, OCC seeks to continually understand cultural and worldview shifts to effectively minister to new generations.

Worship and Beauty

God is worthy of worship. At our core, we are worshipers of God. Our desire is to grow in our love for God and worship Him with all we do and with all we are. We want to see our worship expressed both through our day to day living and lifestyle and in our gathered worship.

God is beautiful and His creation reflects his beauty. God created all of us in His image and likeness to also create works of beauty. For this reason, OCC values the arts, expression, and creativity. Made in God’s image, we are most human when we too delight in giving, blessing, beautifying and worshipping.

Authentic Community

God exists in the perfect community of Father, Son and Holy Spirit. He also created us to live in community. OCC seeks to model deep and personal faith by serving others in a loving and authentic community. It is through a redeemed community that a fragmented world can see the power of the gospel and the nature of God’s work.

Missional Journey

To be missional, means being the people of God, partnering with Him, in His redemptive mission in the world. Jesus calls us, as His followers, to journey with Him into a diverse world and then to embrace it in equally diverse ways. OCC, following Christ, is committed to being friends with each other and our neighbourhoods through acts of compassion and service. Compelled by God’s love to live out and proclaim the gospel of Jesus, we conspire to engage culture with hope on all fronts, to advocate for the defenceless, to seek justice for the downtrodden, to lift up the downcast, and to embody the fearless love of the risen Christ. Missional means we are sent… making the kingdom of God visible… tangible. It is an extension of the incarnational ministry of Jesus who came “and moved into the neighbourhood.” John 1:14 The Message

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