July 25 | Blessed are the meek

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25th Jul 2021


Ontario is now in Step 3 of re-opening, which means we are allowed more people in our auditorium, as long as we maintain physical distancing. As more people receive both vaccination shots, more people will be gathering for worship in our building.

A reminder of a few details

  • You still need to register… the link is available each week on the home page.
  • We need to maintain distancing in our building.
  • We need to still wear a face-covering in our building.
  • At this point, we cannot serve refreshments, but you are welcome to bring your own coffee/tea/water. For the comfort of others, please do not remove your face-covering and drink until you are in your seat.

We will continue to offer our service on-line.

As opportunities increase for us to meet: at OCC, in backyards, and on patios, let’s remember that not everyone feels comfortable with that (often because of some underlying health reasons).

Even more importantly, let’s remember that…

  • as followers of Jesus,
    we are called and equipped to be different and live differently in our world;
  • as followers of Jesus,
    we are called and equipped to live lives that are filled with and empowered by God’s Spirit;
  • as followers of Jesus,
    we are called and equipped to be signposts and movie trailers, pointing to what the Jesus life is like.
  • as followers of Jesus,
    we are called and equipped to live in Christ, free to love, free to be kingdom people.

As you prepare to watch our service video, we encourage you to take a few moments…

  • get your coffee or tea, settle in, be still…
  • take 2 or 3 deep breaths… in and out… breathe,
  • invite the Lord to make himself present with you as you watch – he is with you – it’s just that often we are not aware that he is,
  • Read Matthew 5:1-12 as come to the service together.


Here is the service for Sunday, 25 July.
We are in a series on The Beatitudes – Matthew 5:1-12.
Today pastor Brent looks at the third beatitude: blessed are the meek.

A reminder you can send your questions to mike@occweb.org. We will be having some Q & A during this series





OCCkids is meeting in person this week


Join us tonight from 6:30pm – 7:30pm as we pray together for one another, our city, our world.
  • We need to pray for Uganda – on a 42 day lockdown.
  • We also want to pray for Canada – there are important decisions being made

zoom prayer link
Meeting ID: 995 4454 1247
Passcode: 4LKzLR


OCCKids & Youth


In this new way of being the church, we don’t practice giving by placing our offering in a basket as it is passed. OCCers are generous people. Thank you for your gifts.