foot washing – 4

Posted by occwebsite
16th Apr 2022

Over the last few days, I have posted a series of drawing by Jess of the saltandgoldcollection (Instagram). Maybe as you have seen these images you are waiting for a drawing of the person you need to see on the seat. Maybe it’s a representation of you, or someone you love, or maybe it’s someone you hate.

But you don’t “need” someone to draw anyone. These pictures are meant to prompt a conversation between you and the Holy Spirit.

Right now, you can examine your heart and figure out for yourself who you most need to see on the seat. You ALREADY have access to the conversation with the Lord, to His healing, to have your eyes opened, to hear a call to repentance, to understand His love, right now.

The question to ask right now is: “Who do I most need to see on the seat?

You don’t need a picture for God to start ministering to you.

Who do you need to see on that seat?