OCC is required to hold an AGM – an annual general meeting – once a year. Hence the name. Don’t worry, it’s not as boring as it sounds. If you are a partner (what a lot of churches call members) at OCC, it’s important to be there. If you are not a partner, you are very welcome to come and participate, but you can’t participate in any decisions.

And, by the way, we are going to be talking about… [you won’t want to miss getting the inside scoop]

Date: 6 March 2016
Time: 6:30pm
Location: Theatre 1

To help you get ready here are the reports:

Jesus is…

Here’s the video we showed Clayton Jennings: Jesus is…


Jesus heals in Mark

As we’ve been reading through the Gospel of Mark, one thing that has stood out is the variety of ways Jesus has brought healing to people.

Mk 5:1f – Jesus heals a demon-possessed man, who didn’t seem to want to be healed.
Mk 5:21f – Jesus heals Jarius’ daughter in response to the faith of her father.
Mk 5:24f – Jesus heals a woman who had bee hemorrhaging for 12 year, who simply touched Jesus’ garment.
Mk 6:6f – Jesus sends out the 12 to cast out demons and as they do so, they also heal.
Mk 6:53f – Jesus healed those who touched the fringe of his robe.
Mk 7:24f – Jesus casts out a demon from a Gentile woman’s daughter, based on her faith, without ever seeing the girl.
Mk 7:31f – Jesus heals a deaf man by putting his fingers into the man’s ears and then by spitting on his fingers and putting them on the man’s tongue.

When we try to say that this – whatever the this is – is the way Jesus healed and therefore the way he heals today, we reduce Jesus to a magic worker. He is Lord, God, and he heals any way he wants to heal.


Gospel of Mark

We are starting to read the Gospel of Mark tomorrow on our journey through the Gospels this winter/spring.
Whether or not you read Matthew, this is a great time to jump in and start in Mark… it’s only 16 chapters.
A copy of the reading list is available at the welcome centre OCC, or you can get it on our facebook page or you can get it here.
As we read, we are looking not just at the stuff Jesus did and said, but who he is an his character.
So take a step and join us in reading the Gospel of Mark.

Matthew summary tweet

Tweet summary for The Gospel of Matthew

MT 1 The line of Jesus though Joseph the chosen father Mary bore him by the Holy Spirit An angel told Joseph to call him Jesus #Mt1 #gospeltweet
MT 2 Magi came from the east to worship Jesus King Herod ordered all baby boys be killed An angel warned Joseph to flee #Mt2 #gospeltweet
MT 3 John the Baptist preached: “Repent, the kingdom is near” Jesus baptised by John A voice from heaven said: “This is my Son” #Mt3 #gospeltweet
MT 4 Jesus tempted by Satan in the wilderness. His ministry began by calling men to follow him as he preached & healed the sick #Mt4 #gospeltweet
MT 5 “Blessed are the poor. You are salt & light. I have come to fulfill the law. Don’t call people idiots. Love your enemies.” #Mt5 #gospeltweet
MT 6 “Do good deeds in secret. Pray ‘Father, your kingdom come’ You can’t serve God & money. Don’t be anxious about your life.” #Mt6 #gospeltweet
MT 7 “Do not judge Ask seek knock Look for fruit Hearing & doing what Jesus says is like one who builds a house on the rock”#Mt7 #gospeltweet
MT 8 Jesus cleanses a leper, heals a servant & Peter’s m-in-law, calls people 2 follow, calms a storm & casts demons from 2 men #Mt8 #gospeltweet
MT 9 Jesus heals several people. Hangs out with scum. Calls 4 new wine & new wineskins. Calls people to become harvest workers. #Mt9 #gospeltweet
MT 10 Jesus sent out 12: Proclaim kingdom, let the Father speak thru you, don’t be afraid, take up the cross, do little stuff. #Mt10 #gospeltweet
MT 11 Signs of the Messiah; advancing kingdom; Jesus is with the wrong people; open your eyes-see God at work; take my rest. #Mt11 #gospeltweet
MT 12 Sabbath – mercy not sacrifices; plot to kill Jesus; anyone not with J is against him; obedience is thinker than blood #Mt12 #gospeltweet
MT 13 J tells stories 2 create readiness & nudge people 2 receive The kingdom is like hidden treasure Those close 2 J offended#Mt13 #gospeltweet
MT 14 Herod had John Baptist killed; Jesus fed 5000+ with 5 loaves & 2 fish; Jesus invited Peter to walk on water #Mt14 #gospeltweet
MT 15 Jesus challenges Pharisees re rules & tradition; heals a Canaanite woman’s daughter; heals many & fed 4000+ #Mt15 #gospeltweets
MT 16 Jesus & signs & bad yeast; Peter calls J “the Christ”; J says he will be killed & raised; turn-take-up-cross-follow me #Mt16 #gospeltweets
MT 17 Jesus is transfigured “This is my son” Peter wants to camp out; Jesus heals a boy & predicts his death; Jesus on taxes. #Mt17 #gospeltweet
MT 18 Who is the greatest in the kingdom? – become like a child; searching for lost sheep; disagreements; forgive 70 x 7. #Mt18 #gospeltweet
MT 19 Jesus asked about divorce “Let no one split what God has joined” J blesses children; upside down elements of the Kingdom #Mt19 #gospeltweet
MT 20 In the Kingdom “the last will be first & the first will be last.” “leaders become servants” Jesus heals 2 blind men #Mt20 #gospeltweet
MT 21 Jesus ride into Jerusalem on a donkey, heals & teaches in the temple; J’s authority questioned; teaches in parables #Mt21 #gospeltweet
MT 22 The kingdom is like a wedding banquet; paying taxes; resurrection life is different; Love God & your neighbour #Mt22 #gospeltweet
MT 23 Pharisees preach but do not practice; you strain out a gnat but swallow a camel; you kill and crucify the prophets #Mt23 #gospeltweet
MT 24 Signs of the end; in the end there will be famine, earthquakes, tribulation: birth pangs; no one knows the day – be ready#Mt24 #gospeltweet
MT 25 The kingdom is like preparing for the bridegroom or like talents entrusted to servants; judging the nations #Mt25 #gospeltweet
MT 26 Plot to kill Jesus; anointed; plan to betray; Passover with the disciples; praying; Judas betrays Jesus; Peter denies him #Mt26 #gospeltweet
MT 27 Jesus handed over to Pilate; crowd crys “Crucify him”; Jesus is mocked & crucified; darkness; gives up his spirit; dies #Mt27 #gospeltweet
MT 28 Women 1st at the tomb; angel says “He has risen”; Priests cover up plan; Jesus & the 11 “As you are going make disciples” #Mt28 #gospeltweet