21 Days of Prayer

Posted by occwebsite
19th Jan 2020

On 19 January 2020 we are going to enter into guided prayer for 21 days.

Why start on 19 January rather than on 1 January?

  • For many people, 1 January is still holiday time and so to begin something new is not on their agenda.
  • The 19th of January is the date when many people who made New Years Resolution, stop keeping their resolution.
  • So we are going to start on 19 January.

What is this about?

  • It’s about prayer. Bring ourselves, OCC, our friends and family, our City, our Nation and our world before God who cares about all these things – more than we do.
  • It’s guided in that each day there is a suggestion of what to pray for. You can pray for more than that. But it’s a starting point for prayer.

How do I pray?

  • It’s simple – you talk to God. You tell him what’s on your heart.
  • It’s hard – you listen to God. You are still long enough to listen to his heart.

What do I need?

Pick up a 21 Days of Prayer sheet

  • Printed copies are available at OCC
  • Or you can download one here: 21 Days of Prayer