Sunday, 18 October up in – OUT

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18th Oct 2020

welcome, we are glad you are here…

We trust and pray that as you read and listen that you will be blessed.
We encourage you to take a few minutes as you prepare to watch the video

  • sit still,
  • breathe in, breath out a couple of times
  • invite the Lord to make himself present with you as you watch.
    He is with you.
    It’s just that sometimes we are not aware that he is.
  • prepare your heart to listen and receive
  • Read Psalm 96 as you enter into worship

worship and teaching

We are using a couple of pre-recorded videos for worship today.
OCCKids are meeting in Theatre 1 at 10am.
Pastor Mike continues in our series up-IN-out. This morning we are focusing on OUT 


Zoom Prayer @ 6:30pm Sunday evening

Here is the link


OCCers are generous people. Thank you for your gifts.
A summary of our finances January to September is available here.
You can find all the ways you can give here.


One of the best ways to learn how to live out the text is to be part of a LIFEGroup.
Over the next few weeks our LIFEGroups are going to be unpacking how we live UP – IN – OUT.
We will be focusing on these 3 dimensions, directions, or aspects of our walk with Christ, to help us see and grasp what God is doing and wants to do in us.

  • UP – worship
  • IN – spiritual formation and growth
  • OUT – reaching out

It’s not too late to get connected. You can get all the information to get connected here.

Discussion questions, the PowerPoint show and other resources are posted on the sermon page.

OCCKids & Youth

OCCkids are meeting in Theatre 1 @ 10am (during our morning service). Additional resources for those who cannot be present are available from pastor Brent.

OCCYouth are meeting Friday nights (7-8:30pm)

Jr High meets every 2nd Thursday night (7-8:30pm) Next Jr High is October 29.

More details are available here.