sanitized Jesus

Posted by occwebsite
15th Sep 2020

We are living in a time when we sanitize everything
Almost every place you enter has the obligatory bottle of squirt hand sanitizer.
And then we are washing our hands more than ever.
No more just running your hands under the water for a few seconds.
We scrub and use soap for at least 20 seconds.
We sanitize surfaces.
We make sure everything this clean.

This post is not about sanitizing.

We live in an era of…

  • racism
  • hatred
  • political tensions
  • fears over COVID-19
    & economic struggles
  • & much more

But one of the thing that we need to be careful of, is that we don’t sanitize Jesus in this season. That we keep rooted and grounded in what the Scriptures say. As we saw on Sunday, we are to be Strong and Courageous, we are to be followers of Jesus, being and making disciples. And we cannot do that apart from allowing the Holy Spirit to take the Scriptures and make them come fully alive in us. And part of what that means is that we cannot sanitize Jesus. We need to let him speak and shape us, mold us and transform us, so that we reflect more and more the character of God.