COVID-19 information

Posted by occwebsite
19th Mar 2020

It’s important that we make decisions based on correct information.

  • Stay informed. Please review recommendations from experts at Public Health and the Ontario Ministry of Health frequently. New information is coming quickly and it is important that our community stays up to date on the latest recommendations. Locally, this link at Orillia Matters is posting health updates as well as updates on what is open and closed.
  • Social distancing is difficult but critical. We only get one chance to slow the spread of COVID-19 and that time is now. For many small businesses, this is going to be tough for a while. Hang in there.
    Social distancing does not mean that you have to cut off all contact with people. We have phones and internet. Connect with others. Give someone a call today.
  • Look out for each other in the community. There are a number of vulnerable individuals in the community that continue to need support. We need as many people as possible to remain healthy at home so our hospital and family doctors can focus on our response to COVID-19. Be safe and help a neighbour.