Praying for children & families

Posted by occwebsite
23rd Mar 2020

As we enter the first week of no school after March Break… let’s be praying for our children and families.
Prayer for…

  • the wisdom in establishing new schedules;
  • the juggling of schedules, because everything is changing;
  • the adjustments of working from home with kids;
  • for children who exhibit changed behaviour, because of physical distancing and the changes associated with that…
    i.e. fear of being alone, bad dreams, loss of bladder/bowel control, change in appetite, temper tantrums, irritability, whining, or clinging behaviours, competition for parents’ attention, forgetfulness;
  • increased opportunities to pray and trust God together;
  • patience;
  • parents not to beat themselves up about allowing extra screen-time;
  • creativity in teaching and crafts and having fun together – don’t forget to get out and get fresh air, as a family, not with others;
  • creativity in connecting: i.e skype, facetime.