how are we doing?

Posted by occwebsite
19th Jan 2021

Back in November, I suggested that we set ourselves a focus, a goal, a purpose on this long COVID-19 journey we are on. You can find a copy of that pastoral letter here. In Philippians 3 Paul talks about his faith in Christ. He reminds us that he was an arrogant, religious person who thought he had it all together but then he threw all of his self-righteousness out and gave in to the grace of a loving God. The work of Jesus brought him a righteousness that his own work at keeping the law couldn’t compete with. From there, Paul says that he hasn’t obtained perfection but presses on towards the prize to which God calls us heavenward in Christ Jesus.

So I asked the question… what if?

  • What if for the next six months we set ourselves a spiritual purpose?
  • What if we give ourselves some direction of spiritual formation to concentrate our minds, heart and souls during these next 6 months towards Easter?

Six months is the new horizon

Well, we are 2 months into that journey. In some senses, things have become more difficult. We have moved from being able to meet, in a limited fashion, to a lockdown.

So… how are we doing?

  • Do you plan a Sabbath, a rest and restoring day, and keep it? Have you rediscovered the gift of one day each week for re-creation, not just work and chores? Plan it well. Eat well. Exercise. Care for yourself.
  • The early church began with a small group of disciples. This is a time for all of us to rediscover Church as a small group of people who support one another; pray for and with one another; care for each other; serve together; and, explore everyday faith together. If you haven’t connected yet, what is stopping you?