Holy Week

Posted by occwebsite
31st Mar 2020

Traditionally the week from Palm Sunday to Easter Sunday has been called Holy Week.

  • I don’t like that term.
  • I know why some churches use that term… this is a particularly special week in the fulfilment of prophecies of the Messiah.
    The gospels have been leading up to this week.
    There is so much that happens.
  • In another sense, this week is no more holy than any other week.
    Because all time belongs to God.

This week is often a time for families to be together, to celebrate the resurrection.

This year everything is different.

  • No Palm Sunday – Kids standing shoulder to shoulder waving palms on Palm Sunday? That could get you arrested.
  • No Maundy Thursday – Eating together, foot washing? Are you kidding?
  • No community Good Friday service – sharing communion together with 400 other people – No way!
  • No Easter Sunday celebration – it’s not going to happen.

It feels like Psalm 137 Beside the rivers of Babylon, we sat and wept as we thought of Jerusalem

I know you thought of this song…

So what are we going to do this year? It’s not all planned out in detail yet, but here are the basics.
Everything will be posted here at OCCWeb.org.

  • Palm Sunday – we will post a short message, some kids worship songs, some prayer direction and some direction for reflection.
  • Daily – there will be a scripture reading (longer than the verse or two that we have been posting)
  • Daily – a guided reflection on the passage
  • Several times – some OCCKids & OCCYouth activities
  • Maundy Thursday – an activity, as well as a way to share in communion – we may do this as a community using zoom.
  • Good Friday – a guided reflection on the meaning of the cross
  • Easter Sunday – a hat lady story, celebration songs, and a short message