regathering ministry team

Posted by occwebsite
17th Aug 2020


There are many new ministry roles that are needed to make sure our services safe and welcoming. Would you be interested in serving in any of the following ministries? There is a need for a number of people in each role so that we can set up rotating schedules. Our goal is to regather for Sunday services on Sunday, September 13.
If you are able to serve (we will train you), send an email to and let us know which ministries you are interested in and we’ll contact you.

Welcome Desk Host (main lobby & back entrance) Uses the provided registration forms to take attendance, provides information for new guests and invites them to fill in a welcome card with their relevant information.

Usher Is familiar with how seating is arranged and directs each family unit to a seat as they enter. When the service ends, provides direction to each section on where and how to exit the building.  

Outdoor Host Safely greets people as they enter the building and reminds them to maintain physical distancing if they are waiting to enter the building and in the entrance area.

Foyer Host Safely greets people as they enter the foyer and directs them where to go next (hand sanitizer, check-in, wait for an usher to seat them). Directs new guests to the Welcome Centre.

Bathroom Attendant Double checks that the washroom is stocked, ensures only one person enters the washroom at a time and sprays disinfectant on high touch surfaces after each use.

Video Camera Operator Checks the setup of the camera in preparation for videoing the service and videos all elements of the service in preparation for online viewing.

Computer Operator Operates the computer during the service and ensures video, sermon slides, announcements are projected at the right time.