18 February | Brent Hargreaves | More Than Enough

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16th Feb 2024

Thank you for joining us on-line!
OCC is made up of people who are meeting in-person and who are meeting on-line.

Remember we are currently showing the video of the service on a week’s delay. The video goes live at 8:00am. Please look for the video on our YouTube page https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=a072TKzTSr8

So this video is from Sunday 11 February 2024 but is being shown on 18 February 2024,  Brent Hargreaves is speaking online and Sean Angel will be speaking at OCC.

God calls all of us into his presence:

He calls us to be together both with him and with one another;
He calls us to wait with and for him;
He calls us to serve & bless others – those who are part of God’s kingdom and those who have not yet responded to God’s grace.
As you prepare to watch our service video, we encourage you to take a few moments…

Get your coffee or tea. Settle in, be still…
Take some deep breaths… in and out… breathe.
Invite the Lord to make himself present with you as you watch – he is with us.