outdoor gatherings

Posted by occwebsite
09th Jun 2021

This summer we want to help OCCer’s connect.

Right now and for the next few weeks we are only allowed a maximum of 30 people indoors for a Sunday service. And it is difficult to connect after the service.

So this summer we want to help make some connections.
Here’s what we would like you to do.
We would like to have multiple locations and various times of day available for people to connect.

We will follow strict guidelines

  • outdoors only
  • maximum of 10 people
  • if it rains, we cancel
  • we will encourage people to use the washrooms at their own place before coming
  • no food or drink will be provided
  • if people want something to drink, it’s “bring your own”
  • we will have someone take a couple of minutes to share something from God’s Word and maybe have a question or 2 to encourage sharing

The first week we would do this is the week of June 20

  • Let us know a day & time that is you would like to host
  • The OCC office will coordinate connecting people to hosts

Are you interested? Can you host a morning, afternoon, evening?
Call us at the church (705.329.2139) or email us: info@occweb.org.

If you cannot host but would like to be part of one of these gatherings… watch for days & times once we have our hosts… you can also let us know when works for you.