24 March | Palm Sunday

Posted by occwebsite
24th Mar 2024

Most of us are familiar with the words that are often attributed to the Roman Emperor Julius Caesar, “Veni. Vidi. Vici.” I came. I saw. I conquered. That is the way of imperial rulers (in all ages) in the pursuit of power and control. Earthly kings enter a city with great fanfare, military might, and a ruthless oppression of opposition. They ride in on mighty steeds (or armor-reinforced vehicles). Attired with armour and weaponry. They come to kill and destroy all who would block their path to victory and power.

The way of Jesus is different.

He enters Jerusalem on a common donkey, a beast of burden used to carry or haul everyday goods. His entrance is humble. He comes. He sees. He is conquered by the very people he wants to set free. Far from ruthless, his first act upon arrival is to weep over a city that doesn’t care that the Son of God has come. His “triumphal” entry will meet the twist of irony in his crown of thorns and his throne of execution. And those who celebrated and worshipped his arrival and pledged to follow him – even those closest to him – fall away.