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27th Sep 2018

We are working our way through this series “Sure
You can check out the sermons, powerpoint and questions at SURE sermons

  • 16 September “What about Truth?
  • 23 September “What about Faith?
  • 30 September “What about Jesus?
  • 7 October “What about God?
  • 14 October “What about the Bible?
  • 21 October “Q&A

There are many resources that could be listed for each topic. Here are a few that you might find helpful.

What about Truth?

  • McLaren, Brian, A Generous Orthodoxy, Zondervan, 2004

What about Faith?

  • Boyd, Gregory. Benefit of the Doubt, Baker Books, 2013
  • Choronna, Mark, Beyond the Shadow of Doubt, Creation House, 2001

What about Jesus?

  • Piper, John, Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ, Crossway Books, 2004
  • Rosen, Moshe, Y’SHUA: The Jewish Way to Say Jesus, Moody Publishers, 1982
  • Strobel, Lee, The Case for Christ, Zondervan, 1998
  • Wright, N.T., Simply Jesus, Harper, 2011

What about God?

What about the Bible?