Lent 2021 & Covid

Posted by occwebsite
19th Feb 2021

What we are, and have been, experiencing changes everything.
It changes what we thought was desirable and what we deemed as necessary.
It changes our expectations of life and the degrees in which we find satisfaction.

We have had longer to ponder the “old normal” than we thought. One of the dangers, as this pandemic and lockdown season drags on, is that we might lazily find ourselves out the other end and have nothing nearly as exciting as the “new different” might be.
We are not called to go back to the “old normal.” We are not called to simply shine up the old ways, but rather, rebirth to an entirely new way to live.

So let me invite all of us to take Lent 2021 seriously.

There are so many passages in the Scriptures that can help us unravel this great possibility.

  • Most of Jesus teaching speak directly into this very time.
  • Jesus was asking the questions of first-century Galilee and Jerusalem.
  • The focus of Jesus teaching was our desires and ambitions. The things we put our life energies into.
  • The goal of Jesus teaching was that we would find ultimate soul satisfaction and find the deep secret of living as human beings.