11. Impressions

Posted by occwebsite
02nd Apr 2021

In front of you is some sand

You remove your socks and shoes

Tread in the sand to leave your footprints

Step back and look at them

Where you have walked has left an impression


What will be left of us when we’ve left,

when we’re gone under down into darkness, the earth and memory?

When our dust and ashes have shaken themselves down

and reverted to their original state

will their miraculous interlude have leaned on history’s rudder?


  • What will be left of us when we’ve left?
  • What traces will we leave?
  • Will the evidence be compelling?
  • What will the surviving witnesses say?
  • How will they know we were here?
  • Will the future be better because of what we did with our present?


  • How many breaths make a life?
  • How long does it take to make a difference? (When can I start?)
  • What will history say of us when we’re history too?


  • What will be left of us when we’ve left?


If there is something you would like to say to God as a result of your journey through the labyrinth, you can write it in the comments as you leave.

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