2: Noise

Posted by occwebsite
02nd Apr 2021

Sound engineers speak of two things – signal and noise.

  •  The signal is the meaningful part of a transmission.
  •   The noise is all the unwanted stuff
    that interferes with our ability to hear and understand the signal.

Our lives are full of noise:

  • so much information,
  • so many messages,
  • all competing for our attention.

We find it hard to find the signal.


Take some time to identify the noises around you one by one:

  • traffic;
  • children playing;
  • dogs barking;
  • the hubbub of life…

As you recognise each one,
savour it
and then place it to one side.


What are the noises on the inside?

  • that song you can’t get out of your head;
  • thoughts that won’t stop chattering;
  • nagging worries;
  • hurt;
  • anger;
  • things you have to do tomorrow…

Identify them one by one,
listen to them and place them to one side.


Let God still the oscilloscope of your soul,

  • turn the noise off
  • and give you peace.

Then listen for his signal.


Be still





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