Marvelous Light

Posted by occwebsite
06th Dec 2018

In our Advent series this year, Mike begins by reflecting on how the heavens tell of the glory of God. This vast and beautiful universe, bigger than the human mind can conceive, points to a marvelous creator. This same awe-inspiring creator is the one that became human to love and save all of humanity. 

Beginning with Psalm 19:1-4, which speaks of the heavens telling of the glory of God, and continuing with the book of Job, we see that we understand so little of creation. God enters into Job’s ancient worldview and questions him of what he understands to point out that if he can’t even understand the basics of creation how could he understand the complexity of the problem of evil.

In Job’s time the questions God asks would have seemed unanswerable, but from our modern perspective, we have learned much more about how creation works. So, to understand what God is getting at for Job and his audience we begin to explore the grandeur of creation.

In contrast to Job’s worldview, we understand the universe to be filled with innumerable stars (One estimate places the number of stars in the universe at 300 sextillion), that make our sun looks small. The universe is incredibly vast with the known universe stretching some 95 billion light years.  That makes us feel very small! We are inconceivably small in comparison to such a large and magnificent universe. The heavens declare the glory of God. All of this beautiful creation points to God.

The universe speaks to God’s transcendence and testifies to God. God created everything and holds it all in existence with His word. So, if this universe is so amazing, how much more amazing is the God that created it all? What is most amazing is that the God that created everything is that same God that cares about us and went so far as to become one of us. If we are not careful we can lose perspective on the wonderfulness and transcendence of God.