Gospel of John tweets

Posted by occwebsite
02nd May 2016
1 The Word was before everything, became flesh & blood & moved into the neighbourhood, and reveals God, calls disciples #Jn1 #gospeltweet
2 Jesus turned water into the best wine; purpose of the Temple & the new temple #Jn2 #gospeltweet
3 Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus about life, meaning & hope; link between believing in & obeying Jesus & eternal life  #Jn3 #gospeltweet
4 Jesus & Samaritan women: worship in spirit & truth, she introduces people to Jesus; Jesus heals an official’s son #Jn4 #gospeltweet
5 Jesus heals a lame man; breaks the Sabbath, calls God his Father; the Scriptures don’t have eternal life – they point to Jesus #Jn5 #gospeltweet
6 Jesus feeds 5000+; walks on water; “I am the true bread that came down from heaven”; many desert Jesus #Jn6 #gospeltweet
7 Jesus does not follow standard self-promotion ways; questions about Jesus being the Messiah, belief & unbelief #Jn7 #gospeltweet
8 Woman caught in adultery. Light of the world. No longer a slave, now a child of God. Glorifying the Father. #Jn8 #gospeltweet
9 Jesus heals a man born blind; then there is spiritual blindness #Jn9 #gospeltweet
10 The sheep know the shepherd’s voice. Jesus came to give them a rich and satisfying life. #Jn10 #gospeltweet
11 Lazarus raised from the dead; everyone who lives in Jesus and believes in him will never die; plotting to kill Jesus #Jn11 #gospeltweet
12 Jesus anointed at Bethany; triumphant entry; another announcement re death; unbelief #Jn12 #gospeltweet
13 Jesus washed his disciples feet – you do the same, he will be betrayed, Peter will deny him #Jn13 #gospeltweet
14 Jesus: trust God, trust me, I am the way to the Father; love me, do what I say; I will give you the Spirit #Jn14 #gospeltweet
15 J: be in me & I will be in you, you produce fruit as you are connected to me; remain in my love even as you are hated #Jn15 #gospeltweet
16 I will send the Spirit to be with you & guide you into all truth. The Father loves you. You will have trials, but I have overcome the world #Jn16 #gospeltweet
17 Jesus prays for his disciples & us, that we would be holy, rooted in truth, living in oneness so the world would know God #Jn17 #gospeltweet
18 Jesus is arrested, taken to the High Priest’s house, Peter denies Jesus, brought before Pilate #Jn18 #gospeltweet
19 Jesus is sentenced to death by Pilate, crucified, as he is dying he declares “It is finished”, then is buried #Jn19 #gospeltweet
20 Dark. Resurrection! Jesus appears to Mary, disciples, Thomas. By believing you may have life in his name #Jn20 #gospeltweet
21 Jesus cooks breakfast; restores Peter–feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep; this is only a part of the Jesus story #Jn21#gospeltweet