Reading Lent 2017

Spend 40 days walking alongside Jesus, listening to His life-changing teachings and falling more in love with God. You’re invited to read through the Gospel of John in 40 days—with a Sabbath rest each Sunday.

Whether you read through the Bible or listen to an audio version, you’ll cover around half a chapter each day for six days a week. Reading John in 40 days isn’t easy. It demands intentionality. It requires us to reach for the Bible instead of Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or that latest episode of your favorite show.

My prayer is that at the end of 40 days, you’ll feel so spiritually full you’ll never want to live on empty again.

  • Use this Reading Guide as a map for our adventure. Tuck it in your Bible or journal.
  • Commit each day to reading.
  • Ask God to open your eyes, ears, and heart to what He has prepared for you as you read each day.
  • Read for breadth. Remember, this is about seeing the big picture of Scripture.
  • There is space to jot down a phrase that stands out for you.
  • Celebrate the wonder of Sabbath each Sunday. There are no assigned readings on Sundays: —feel free to rest or use it as a catch-up day.
  • Share what God is revealing to you during Lent on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram.

Download a copy of reading lent 2017
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