ONE – May

ONE for the month of May is Personal Care items for the
Neema Children’s Choirmay one

Specific Items Needed:

  • shampoo / conditioner
  • hand soap
  • deodorant
  • shaving razors
  • shaving cream
  • toothbrushes / toothpaste
  • bug spray
  • vaseline
  • snitary napkins
  • laundry soup
  • fabric softener
  • hand cream

Sidewalk Sale

OCC hosts a fun table during the
Orillia Downtown Street Festival / Sidewalk Salesidewalk sale

We are looking for

  • face painters
  • balloon animal makers
  • popcorn makers
  • hand out popcorn & OCC invites
  • other kids activities
  • set up / tear down teams

…not sure you can do that… don’t worry… we’ll train you

It’s a great way to bless our city.

Sign up at OCC or leave a comment message.


GOD’S MISSIONbless post

I have been given all authority in heaven and on earth. Therefore, go and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit. Teach these new disciples to obey all the commands I have given you. And be sure of this: I am with you always, even to the end of the age.” ~Matthew 28:18-20

“Where does my life fit into the great and grand story of God’s mission?”

What would it look like if God’s mission was the starting point of your life? It’s a shift in perspective. The simple acronym BLESS outlines one way to live this kind of life and mission by the following five simple practices


I may wonder what kind of mission God has for me, when I should ask what kind of me God wants for his mission.” ~ Christopher Wright

Our mission to go and make disciples of all the nations (Matthew 28:18-20) finds its roots in the original mission to go and be a blessing to others (Genesis 12:1-3). This means that blessing others and seeing people come to know, love and serve Jesus are linked together!

If you do one of these BLESS practices every day, you will not only look more like Jesus, but you will help others find Jesus too!


Begin with prayer: I will pray for the people in my life and the places that I’m in.

Listen: I will listen to and discover the needs of others and the places where God is at work.

Eat: I will share meals and spend time with people in my life.

Serve: I will respond to the needs of others and help them in practical and impactful ways.

Story: I will share the story of Jesus and what He is doing in my life with others.

Discovering Jesus 2

The Bible can sometimes be a little confusing:Discovering Jesus 2

  • how do we read it?
  • where do we start?
  • what about all these translations?
  • or those boring passages – all those unpronounceable names?
  • what we do with all those laws and rules in the Old Testament?
  • how do I make sense of it all?

Join us Monday, 18 April at 2pm or 7pm, bring your Bible
as we explore these and other questions together.

For more information contact us

Discovering Jesus

Starting Monday, 11 April 2016discovering jesus
4 weeks looking at Jesus
we will be looking at questions like the following
& other questions you have

  • who is he?
  • what was & is he all about?
  • how can we know him, listen to him, follow him?
  • what does the bible say about him?
  • how can we talk about him in ways that don’t freak others
    or ourselves out?

Come out & join in the conversation.
Mondays @ 2pm or 7pm
Let us know you are coming by clicking here.

The Gospel of John

We continue our reading in the Gospels.gospel of john
This morning we start the Gospel of John
Even if  you haven’t been reading along with us,
this is a good time to start

Gospel of Luke Tweets

1 Birth announcements – John & Jesus; Mary & Elizabeth bond; prophetic words from Mary & Zechariah; John born #Lk1 #gospeltweet
2 Birth of Jesus: Angels announcement to shepherds; Jesus dedicated; prophetic words-Simon & Anna; Jesus at 12 in the Temple #Lk2 #gospeltweet
3 John the Baptist prepares the way for Jesus, calls people to repent; Jesus is baptized; Jesus’ family line #Lk3 #gospeltweet
4 Spirit leads Jesus into the wilderness-temptations; Jesus rejected; declares his mission, preaches, heals, casts out demon #Lk4 #gospeltweet
5 Jesus calls Peter to fish for people; heals a leper & a paralyzed man; calls Levi, accused of eating with the scum; new wine & new wineskins #Lk5 #gospeltweet
6 Pharisees freak as Jesus breaks Sabbath laws; 12 chosen; people healed; Jesus taught: blessings, suffering, love enemy #Lk6 #gospeltweet
7 Jesus heals a Roman officer’s slave at a distance; raises a widow’s son; reminds John B who he is; anointed by sinful woman #Lk7 #gospeltweet
8 Women following Jesus; parables of scattering seed, the lamp; real family; J calms storm; heals demon possessed; heals in response to faith #Lk8 #gospeltweet
9 J sends out the 12; Herod is confused; J feeds 5000+; Peter: You are the Messiah”; transfiguration, J announces his death; heals demon possessed; great in the Kingdom; opposition; cost of following #Lk9 #gospeltweet
10 Jesus sends out 72; all entrusted to the Son; “Love God with all you are, love neighbour as yourself”; good Samaritan #Lk10 #gospeltweet
11 Teaching on pray; anyone who isn’t with me opposes me; hiddenness of gospel; religious law crushes people #Lk11 #gospeltweet
12 Hypocrisy, money & possessions; be ready for the Lord’s return; Jesus isn’t all nice & sweet – he causes division #Lk12 #gospeltweet
13 Call to repentance; Jesus heals on the Sabbath, tells a series of parables; the way to God’s Kingdom is narrow #Lk13 #gospeltweet
14 Jesus heals on the Sabbath; you are invited to the banquet, do you make excuses; the cost of being a disciple #Lk14 #gospeltweet
15 Jesus tells stories (Parables) of the lost sheep, the lost coin & the lost son … welcome home #Lk15 #gospeltweet
16 A shrewd? manager then there are kingdom ways. Parable of the rich  man & Lazarus – respond now #Lk16 #gospeltweet
17 Don’t tempt others, keep on forgiving, exercise faith, not all who are healed thank God, signs of the coming Kingdom #Lk17 #gospeltweet
18 Stories of persistence for justice, how we see ourselves before God, welcome kids, hard for the rich, blind man sees #Lk18 #gospeltweet
19 Zacchaeus responds despite others, parable of servanthood, triumphant entry then Jesus weeps over Jerusalem & clears the temple #Lk19 #gospeltweet
20 Jesus’ authority challenged; wicked farmers (religious); taxes; marriage & resurrection; Jesus raises some questions #Lk20 #gospeltweet
21 A widow’s offering; signs of the beginning of the end #Lk21 #gospeltweet
22 Judas agrees to sell out Jesus; the last supper; praying in the Garden; arrest, betrayal, Peter denys, before the council #Lk22 #gospeltweet
23 Trial before Pilate; crucifixion, death, burial #Lk23 #gospeltweet
24 Resurrection! Jesus meets some followers on the road to Emmaus, appears to the disciples, promise of the Spirit; ascension #Lk24 #gospeltweet