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Family Fun Night @ OCC is a fun & exciting time
But it only happens when you everyone gets involved

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reading the gospels | tools

There are many online places to read the Bible. Here are some that I recommend:
One of the largest collection of bible translations, including some non-english versions. You can easily have multiple translations in parallel. If you want to see how Mark 1:1 is translated check out this link.
A large selection of bible translations. Good support for your phone.
I use this for the NET translation and access to Greek and Hebrew.
A good collection of translations and resources, the interface is a little out of date.
A limited number of translations.

My recommendation:
If your main goal is to compare English versions, BibleGateway is your best option. YouVersion offers a few more versions, but you can only compare two at a time. If you have some knowledge of Greek and/or Hebrew, I like the Lumina Bible best with its sympathetic highlighting.

reading the gospels | MARK

This fall at OCC we are reading through the gospels
…one chapter a day, five days a week,
letting the gospels speak into our lives,
allowing the gospels to shape our thinking,
letting the gospels influence our actions…
so that’s God’s name is glorified and his kingdom is proclaimed.

We are starting with the shortest of the gospels: Mark
Join us as we begin on Monday, 11 September

Reading the Gospels mark

Let me encourage you to post in the comments the verse that struck you the most & why