Heaven, Hell & Angels

I am planning to do a short series this summer on:Heaven Hell

  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Angels

There is a lot of confusion and misunderstanding around these subjects.

So, in order to prepare, what are your questions about

  • Heaven
  • Hell
  • Angels

You can post them, as comments here, or you can email them to me.

Reading through Acts

At the end of April we finished reading through the Gospels – Matthew, Mark, Luke & John

We are going to move on over the next 6 weeks to read through the Book of Acts.
We will use the same format, 1 chapter a day, Monday through Friday. Weekends are catch-up days in case you missed a day or two during the week.

I encourage you to join us as we read… It is by being in the scriptures, that we give space for God to speak to us: to challenge us, to encourage us, to teach us.

I will get back to preaching/teaching from the book of Acts on 15 May 2016.

This week we are reading Acts 1-5
A printed copy of the reading list will be available at OCC this week.
Downloadable versions are available on our facebook page, or you can get it right here.

Gospel of John tweets

1 The Word was before everything, became flesh & blood & moved into the neighbourhood, and reveals God, calls disciples #Jn1 #gospeltweet
2 Jesus turned water into the best wine; purpose of the Temple & the new temple #Jn2 #gospeltweet
3 Jesus’ conversation with Nicodemus about life, meaning & hope; link between believing in & obeying Jesus & eternal life  #Jn3 #gospeltweet
4 Jesus & Samaritan women: worship in spirit & truth, she introduces people to Jesus; Jesus heals an official’s son #Jn4 #gospeltweet
5 Jesus heals a lame man; breaks the Sabbath, calls God his Father; the Scriptures don’t have eternal life – they point to Jesus #Jn5 #gospeltweet
6 Jesus feeds 5000+; walks on water; “I am the true bread that came down from heaven”; many desert Jesus #Jn6 #gospeltweet
7 Jesus does not follow standard self-promotion ways; questions about Jesus being the Messiah, belief & unbelief #Jn7 #gospeltweet
8 Woman caught in adultery. Light of the world. No longer a slave, now a child of God. Glorifying the Father. #Jn8 #gospeltweet
9 Jesus heals a man born blind; then there is spiritual blindness #Jn9 #gospeltweet
10 The sheep know the shepherd’s voice. Jesus came to give them a rich and satisfying life. #Jn10 #gospeltweet
11 Lazarus raised from the dead; everyone who lives in Jesus and believes in him will never die; plotting to kill Jesus #Jn11 #gospeltweet
12 Jesus anointed at Bethany; triumphant entry; another announcement re death; unbelief #Jn12 #gospeltweet
13 Jesus washed his disciples feet – you do the same, he will be betrayed, Peter will deny him #Jn13 #gospeltweet
14 Jesus: trust God, trust me, I am the way to the Father; love me, do what I say; I will give you the Spirit #Jn14 #gospeltweet
15 J: be in me & I will be in you, you produce fruit as you are connected to me; remain in my love even as you are hated #Jn15 #gospeltweet
16 I will send the Spirit to be with you & guide you into all truth. The Father loves you. You will have trials, but I have overcome the world #Jn16 #gospeltweet
17 Jesus prays for his disciples & us, that we would be holy, rooted in truth, living in oneness so the world would know God #Jn17 #gospeltweet
18 Jesus is arrested, taken to the High Priest’s house, Peter denies Jesus, brought before Pilate #Jn18 #gospeltweet
19 Jesus is sentenced to death by Pilate, crucified, as he is dying he declares “It is finished”, then is buried #Jn19 #gospeltweet
20 Dark. Resurrection! Jesus appears to Mary, disciples, Thomas. By believing you may have life in his name #Jn20 #gospeltweet
21 Jesus cooks breakfast; restores Peter–feed my lambs, tend my sheep, feed my sheep; this is only a part of the Jesus story #Jn21#gospeltweet