31 March | Easter Sunday

Posted by occwebsite
31st Mar 2024

Arise! People,
lift up your eyes, Is. 51:6
And look toward the east; Ps. 103:12
For soon, the glory of the Lord will be revealed, Is. 40:5a
All flesh will see it together; Is. 40:5b

For the Sun of Righteousness will come, Mal. 4:2a
With healing in His wings! Mal. 4:2b
Bend your faces to the east, Is. 24:15
Awaken your eyes to the morning of our salvation! Is. 33:2

For too long, we hungered in the night, Matt. 5:6
Scavenging in spiritual shadows; Jer. 6:4
For too long, we thirsted in darkness, Matt. 5:6
Wandering hopelessly under starless skies; Ex. 14:3

Arise! Arise!
And flood the world with light! Matt. 5:14
End this age of gloom! Is. 9:1
Rain warmth upon our land! Deut. 11:11
And coax the earth from its winter slumber! Song. 2:11

Arise! Arise!
Wipe out the thick clouds of transgression, Is. 44:22a
Break through the fog of despair; Eccl. 2:20
The heavy mist of ego and pride, Is. 44:22b
The overcast of guilt, which too long kept us captive; Ps. 32:5

Arise! Arise!
And give strength to the weary, Is. 40:29
And vision to the prisoners of darkness, Is. 42:7 Arise! The age of darkness has ended, Ps. 88:12
Our covenant with death is cancelled! Is. 28:18

Arise! Shine!
For our light has come! Is. 60:1a
The glory of the Lord has risen upon us! Is. 60:1b
Our sun will set no more, Is. 60:20a
Neither will our moon wane! Is. 60:20b

The Lord will be our everlasting light, Is. 60:20c
Our nights of mourning are no more. Is. 60:20d